Monday, August 29, 2011


Welcome to stardolls first blog about you the reader!

The Stardoll Peace Project was founded on the simple principals that everyone deserves to have their talents showcased and have their good deeds shown. The Stardoll Peace Project is the first blog that will focus on the members of stardoll, all of them without any sort of discrimination. This blog will have oppurtunities for absolutely everyone and will include absolutely everyone. This blog will focus on the readers projects, modeling and talents because we want to see what you can do. The goal of this blog is to create a safe place where people can read about other members like themselves without any bias or judgement, stardoll should be a fun place not a place where you are scared to branch out. This blog is a bully-free  zone meaning no bullying will be tolerated; all negative comments will be deleted as everyone deserves to be treated fairly regardless of their past mistakes. I personally hope you come and join us as every week there will be four medolls featured for various things and I also hope you support this blog in anyway as it was inspired by all of you.

*Further note: BULLYING will not be tolerated on The Stardoll Peace Project. The Stardoll Peace Project is a blog that will be a safe place for others. The Stardoll Peace project will not discriminate against anyone in anyway including; Gender,Orientation,  Previous Actions, Color, Race, Medoll Looks, Country, Age and/or medoll gender if it is not identical to the users etc.
Audrey (audreyxbeth)


  1. This is going to be wonderful. I'm glad that someone decided to do such a thing. This shows you are a very nice and thoughtful person :).